Activate Your Trust!

January 24, 2017

Every word of God proves true. Proverbs 30:5(a) (TLB)

In life, when we find things difficult to believe, oftentimes, we have the “I gotta see it, before I’ll ever believe it attitude!  Typically, before we will ever believe, we require a level of demonstration or effort to prove that what has been said is actually true!  Sometimes, because of our level of mistrust in people, we often associate those feelings to every relationship and even with God!  However, in order for us to know God and that His words are true requires that we do each of the following:  (1)  God is not a man, and He cannot lie!  As such, we cannot equate the characteristics that we see in men to the nature and character of God!  (2) We must trust God!  As long as we doubt or refuse to accept His words as truth, we cannot expect them to be effective in our lives!  (3)  We must put His words into action!  In fact, God’s word is alive and active!  Oftentimes, we believe, but we sit idly by waiting for God to manifest His word in our lives!  Thus, manifestation requires participation!  Therefore, we must submit our lives in total faith knowing that God’s word is true, and He will do everything His word says He will do!  As a matter of fact, He’s willing to not just do it one time, but time and time, again!  So, do you still find it hard to believe?  If so, He’s waiting to prove it to you, but you must activate your trust!

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