Two Steps

January 31, 2017

But they delight in the law of the Lordmeditating on it day and night.  Psalm 1:2 (NLT)

Often times, prolonged friendships cause us to develop habits and behaviors which seem perfectly normal and personally satisfying!  Many times, we overlook and entertain certain behaviors because we find happiness in our friendships!  However, if we desire to live happy and vibrant lives, the Psalmist clearly explains the type of relationships and behaviors we should avoid and the habits we need to develop to live happy in a miserable world!  To do so requires finding pleasure in God’s word as it is our source of happiness!  When we do, we’re only two steps away from a happy and vibrant life!   (1)  We must read, study and apply God’s word to our lives!  As such, through study and application we will soon develop new habits and behaviors!  Keep in mind, developing new habits or behaviors will require repeated practice over an extended period of time!  (2)  The word must become a conscious part of our thought life!  In essence, the word is our focus and we center it in our minds as it will direct our thought pattern!  Therefore, as believers, we must understand that it is okay to have friendships but we must connect with friends that encourage growth and a relationship with Christ!  More importantly, we have to recognize that our source of happiness is rooted in God’s word!  In effect, any pleasures we develop outside of His word are short-lived and are not eternal!  So, take the steps which will lead you to find true happiness!

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